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Surely there are people with computers that would like to tell the truth about how many people and businesses have been defrauded by Justin Boice. State of Oregon turn over its investigation on these frauds, to the federal govt. Rumor has it the feds. Have dropped the case??? Do they need more than a hundred instances to follow thru?? Are these the same people that are supposed to protect the public against people of this nature???

Write your congressman and complain. Don't say its too much time out of your life, its your duty! Convicted of sales fraud in Oregon!! Charged with fraud of banks, people and businesses, and nothing done? He then skipped to Wash. State and has been in the boat business, first with "edge boats" a manufacturer. Then with a retail store in Seattle. Now he has defraud people again. What more does it take?!

We register sex offenders, but we allow people to be defrauded for large $ and don't stop it???

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Please tell me this isnt my cousin. I already doubt it, since he is only just old enough to drive. I really want to know.


This is NOT a false claim about Justin Boice.I was personally defrauded by Justin.

I bought a 13" boat from him in 2003, but the boat he sold me was a rebadged boat made by Rob Chrunyk. He told me he'd made the boat and promised me the world, but failed to deliver. When I was selling the boat in 2004 to pay for school I got a call from one of Justin's former employees saying he had the real title and he demanded $5,000 because he said Justin had cheated him out of $5,000 and so he was going to get it from me. In the end his former employee was not able to extort money from me and I traded the boat, but it caused me incredible stress.

Justin defrauded many people and should have ended up with a felony on his record. He was just a *** and a great liar.

I hope one day he gets charged and does some time.I regret ever knowing about him and certainly regret buying a boat from him.


There is planty of proof.This coming from someone who knows that family WELL, who recieved a faudulant boat.

There will always be people who want to believe the best in the ones they are close to. But reality is it was fraud. Him and his father and grandfather. But people makes mistakes.

We just like to judge others on the really big ones.

When standing at Heavens gate sin is sin.We will each be judged accordingly.


does anyone know the correct address for justin boice or where he is working now? Thank you


The person that put this false claim on Mr.Boice and his family has now been charged with murder.

He shot his girlfriend directly in the chest.

It is sad that a quality family man can have his name trashed on a computer with no evidence.

Watford, England, United Kingdom #1467

Please share more with me! I believe I'm caught in a recent scam with him now.

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